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Math is the answer
to everything, you tell me:
in all things, patterns-
in all of nature,
inherent codes, keys, and laws,
which provide meaning
Math is everywhere
like how they can measure light
through a vacuum, and
gravity's pull, and
the wavelength between two crests,
and lunar phases
But you know that when
the droning screech of iron
carrying its train
can still reduce us
to tears, it's not really math
at all; it's not fractions
or real numbers, or
some linear equation, or
absolute values
It's the split second
after I grabbed your hand
the first time, and you
didn't look at me
so I felt afraid that I'd
It is Murphy's Law
It is the frequency of,
and the exact pitch
of the deeper tone
you use to remind me to
lock my door behind you
It's the rate and speed
of your nervous pacing; it's
the hypotenuse-
the distance between
the two corners of your lips
and the precision
with which you tap your
fingers on your knees when bored
It's how you never
remember those few
minutes ju
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When We Go
   Some days are harder
   simply because I am still
   here and you are not
   On my days off work,
   Lake Whatcom is the only
   place I want to be,
   just so I can sit
   on the dock near the boat launch
   where I can almost
   convince myself that
   I haven't forgotten
   your smell
   This is the first place
   where I knew what it was like
   to be held by you:
   I lay with my head
   in your lap and you kissed me,
   leaning over me-
   shielding the last of
   the setting sun from my eyes
   You kissed me and I
   am the last person
   alive who will remember
   our day at this lake
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things change
yesterday she broke
when he breathed her name she cracked
like paper ice, like
one lie too many
or, more than likely one truth
one truth too many
"things change," he told her
and she didn't used to think
about all his lies
but today she does
because things change, and because
she can still smell him
on her favorite shirt
and tomorrow she will lie
to herself, swearing
she knew from the start
that it could not last, at least
not for forever
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If There's Love
it's like that feeling
when you said goodbye to your best friend
and somewhere, some part of you knew
that you'd probably never talk again
but somehow it was okay
then later you felt hurt
that she didn't try to keep you
didn't feel the same pang of loss you did
but you couldn't and still can't be angry in the end;
it's not her fault and you pushed her away
it's like that fearful chill of acceptance
when the two of you thumbed through her yearbook
and she smiled reminiscently, pointing out all those people
she doesn't talk to anymore-
just stopped needing them in her life one day
she said goodbye to all of them, every last one-
choosing to remember only the thrills
and not the drug-like,
built-up tolerance of eventual boredom
waving her arm and turning the page,
she said "goodbye"
and i just stood there, not knowing how to wave back
or maybe it was my way of choosing not to
anyway, i think this is the last time i might need you
but i always say that
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Do You Love Me
Do you love me?
The question tumbles off your tongue
just exactly the way I imagined you'd ask it
except with somewhat less eye contact
and slightly more anguished resentment
Do you love me?
I make the decision not to cry,
and for the first time ever
my body obeys,
as if it finally understands my intentions
You look so angry,
and soon you will ask why I've become
so selfish
so vain
so not like me
so not how you remember me
You say, "what happened to you?"
and all I can think about
is whether or not I heard that same question
somewhere in a movie once
Which one was it?
I don't even shrug or try to look lost,
I just don't answer
I have no answer
"God damn it," you say,
and you look away pointedly,
like the sight of me
pretending to be passive
is just too much for you to handle
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Mature content
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Watch Me :iconcatastrophicsmile:CatastrophicSmile 1 1
Letter to the Spider Masses
Dear Spiders,
You have well overstayed your welcome in my apartment complex, in my shower, and in my roommate's hair. I know you're supposed to eat smaller bugs and stuff or whatever, but there is, in fact, a line. And it has been crossed!
But as I am a merciful citizen of the planet, I will give you a chance to redeem yourselves and to pay your debts to me and my race. Here's what I propose: become my minions in lifelong service and I shall spare your lives. Join me, and your big, fat ugly bumpuses will never meet the likes of the heel of my shoe, nor the black sewers of Bellingham.
This offer is open to all spiders. Except for you, freaky middle eastern Camel spiders, because I want you to stay as far the hell away from me as arachnidly possible. Ninja spiders and spiders with special skills such as jumping, flying, or paralyzing small animals are especially encouraged to apply. Always a plus.
Finally - and let me make this very clear to you - as I have graciously extended this unpre
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My Redeeming Qualities
My Redeeming Qualities
A Short List by Oblivia
i.     on rare occasions i am creative
       and i write facebook statuses that make me laugh
       but then no one "likes" them
       and i think about why i am the only one
       who thinks i am funny
       but, alas, i am also forgiving
       and very understanding
       you are probably just very busy
       and will go back and "like" my hilarious status later
ii.    sometimes i am a savior
       when no one else will hear them or remember them
       i am listening, i am writing their stories
:iconcatastrophicsmile:CatastrophicSmile 1 7
and you might find me there by CatastrophicSmile and you might find me there :iconcatastrophicsmile:CatastrophicSmile 0 0


Summer Storm
I will fall
And be tossed about like autumn leaves
In a bipolar wind
Tearing them apart.
I will wait
And be white-fringed like the ocean
In a storm of sounds
Tossing it in play.
they shout.
"Tell me a story
Of dripping water and saturated sights,
Of holding hopes and each other tight,
Of heaving chests in warmth-fringed wetness."
Toss a rhapsody in my direction,
Meant to be read aloud.
Rs rolling like the weather,
And Ds hit on like a drum.
Rivers of mud fall down the mountain,
Raging and fighting and stumbling on rocks
That were tossed carelessly in their direction,
Like apple cores or bad ideas.
They shout.
"Tell me a story
Of emptied skies and greying landscapes,
Decapitated trees and coming home late
Because the streets now wade in water."
Warm rain shines like sweat on my skin
And leaves me gasping for breath
With a tee-shirt stuck to my back
As the sun peeks its head out,
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Bleeding Rose by borda
Mature content
Bleeding Rose :iconborda:borda 216 23
My Summer Wine by borda
Mature content
My Summer Wine :iconborda:borda 2,858 242
He's on his way home from school, happily clutching a big blue birthday candle.
His mom looks at him lovingly, "Happy birthday."
The car spins out of control and he screams. His mom grits her teeth and slams her foot on the brake pedal. A truck speeds towards them, horn blaring, but it's too late; she reaches for him and cries, "I love —"
When he wakes up from the coma, she's already gone.
"— you," his dad whispers angrily, cheeks wet with tears.
The boy starts to tremble in his hospital bed. "Dad?"
"Why are you alive, when she's —" his dad's voice breaks, "she's —"
"I'm cold," his voice is barely above a whimper.
His dad presses his fist against the boy's bruised chest. "I loved her," he gasps, leaving the room.
The boy curls up, hugging his knees. He wonders dully if the doctor's monitors reveal his broken heart.
A year later, he's alone in his room.
"Remember how when I was little if I had a nightmare you'd wake me up, and then I'd fall asl
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United States
Hi, guys! I'm Oblivia and this is my lame 30-second spontaneous bio. I live in Washington state, and am in my 3rd year of college. I am studying psychology and theater, and I like to write in my spare time, which is pretty much never. If you want to get to know me, send a message!

Also, I promise to return the favor on anyone who comments on my page or pieces.

Thanks, guys!

:heart: Oblivia

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